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Hervé Struck 

My works speak of transformations, constructions, deconstructions, degradations, reconstructions in a world in perpetual motion inherent in a system of consumption where nature has an accessory role. The distance chosen tries to make people understand how, as an observer, it is impossible to act. The scenes are rigid, any intervention is impossible and renders us powerless in a universe in perpetual motion. I try to fix the rigidity of a story in progress, written in advance and impossible to correct. We can only watch.

Lifestyles are changing and tend, in France in particular, to push the middle classes well beyond the historic suburbs of cities. This phenomenon has the visible consequence of a reduction of space for the eternal campaigns and the vast expanses of wilderness yet to be discovered. 

subdivision house

But there are also consequences for the inhabitants, which are reflected in the significant increase in travel between home and work, between home and shopping centers, between home and sports or school activities, for example.


Places evolve according to needs, urban and demographic changes. Around urban centres, where shopping centres, factories and warehouses accumulate, this finding is quite obvious.

© by Hervé Struck
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