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Hervé Struck

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In this imposed system of overconsumption where everything is in perpetual motion, the past, the present and the future come together and appear in the form of contrasting landscapes where the constancy of nature which tries at all costs to react takes an accessory place.

Individual needs dictate the need to treat, transform or dispose of waste in one way or another. Despite everything, the landscapes are impacted, transformed.


Roads and highways are created or widened. The daily flows linked to pendular migration are increasing and forcing public authorities to adapt.


The current developments that we have just seen also have visible consequences very far from the tumult of the metropolises, in the depths of the countryside. Indeed, these countrysides are already too far from the cities and can no longer be sufficiently attractive for the populations. Public services and businesses are closing. Devoid of fast rail and road infrastructure and abundant jobs, these territories are in decline and sometimes even abandoned. This shows us that even if around the cities, the residential areas extend more and more towards the countryside, there is a limit that they will not cross.

In these small towns and villages far from everything, the landscapes are marked by an opposite effect. While on the outskirts of large urban centers, nature tries to survive between sheet metal walls or at ground level, much further away, where the metropolis no longer has a hold, nature tends to regain ground by enveloping abandoned houses for example.

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